Comes Together

is a time capsule.

A documentation of the lives of Indian creatives from the architecture, design and photography communities.

My name is Sreenag and I'm an architectural photographer, based in Chennai, India. The Everything Comes Together podcast is a passion project of mine.

The idea for the podcast came from my  interactions with students during workshops. The questions they asked were mostly centred around personal decisions that affected professional outcomes. As a massive podcast consumer, I had a basic understanding of the medium and decided to start one of my own.

I would be speaking with people working in the broader photography, architecture and design communities.

We dive deep into the lives of the guests, exploring their highest highs and their lowest lows. They tell stories of uncertainty, inspiration, learning, important people and why they took the decisions they did.


  • Varuna Arvind & Arvind Rangan (Arvind Varuna Associates)

  • Vikram Chandrasekar (A Concert Photographer)

  • A Venkat (Nataraj & Venkat Architects)

  • DP Prashant (Facilini Design Lab)

  • Shumaila Chauhan (Food Stylist & Photographer)

  • Shaun D'Sa (Whoa Mama Design)

  • V Balaji (Bharath & Associates / MEASI)

  • Joseph Raja (Wildlife Photographer & Filmmaker)

  • Anumita Jain ( A Clay Story)

  • Ammaar Chowdry & BG Sanjeevi (s+aD Studio) Part 1

  • Ammaar Chowdry & BG Sanjeevi (s+aD Studio) Part 2

  • Tanya George (Tanya Types) Part 1

  • Tanya George (Tanya Types) Part 2


Sreenag’s journey into photography began at a very early age, being the 3rd generation in his family to make their living with a camera. Photography basics were established long before college, as a career in this field was always the goal.

He always had a passion for design & architecture, and read extensively about them while growing up. So when the time came to start his practice, it was only natural to combine his passion, with his skills as a photographer. He is one of the few in the country to specialise in architectural photography and has won awards in doing so.

Sreenag is a firm believer in knowledge-sharing, so apart from the business of photography, he teaches photography at colleges and to the general public as well.


Founded in the year 2005, Sreenag Pictures is an award-winning photography company, based in Chennai, India.

Sreenag Pictures specialises in Architecture & Interiors photography.Their work has been featured in international publications and has won awards and recognition for themselves and their clients.